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About Us

Strata Welding Company started on its welding journey in the 1980’s in a joint technology sharing venture, with a small, innovative market leading inverter welding manufacturer and OEM assembler in the USA. In an era where the average Arc Welder weighed in at 150kgs plus, the market changing Strata 300A & 400A Inverter Arc Welding Machines launched on the market in 1984 were received and adopted by the professional welding fraternity with open arms. This quantum leap in welding machine design started a technology revolution in the market that has continued to build and “raise the bar” on inverter welding machines for the past 4 decades.
Following on from the ground breaking Strata STM series, arc welding voltage sensing wire feeders were added and the Strata MIG series was born in the late 80s’. This set the benchmark and changed the market in the oil/gas pipe welding industry throughout the world with the superb portability and rugged
The typical welding machine in the 80’s weighed in at 150kg + performance of the inverter power sources doing the job with aplomb, day in day out!! Many of these ma- chines are about to celebrate their 30th birthday and are still in daily use in tough industry applications and still contributing strongly to building the welding leg- end that is STRATA.

“The innovators are the winners in today’s fast changing welding environment”

Just like STRATA pioneered the way with inverter welding technology in the 80s, the new 2016 Inverter range sets the standard performance and value at a heady new level. Technology and innovations previously the domain of only the specialist high end manufacturers are interwoven in the new 2016 STRATA series DNA. This technology, which is distilled down and simplified so that it is intuitive and logical to operate, allows you to gain productivity and efficiency fast. 

Why do your customers come to you?

STRATA understands that you as a welding professional have built your legacy and goodwill in the market on superior skills, hand work, reliability and the ability to get the job done. That’s why we have built the new STRATA range to mirror these essential traits and provide you with the ultimate welding machines to continue to build your profits and status with your customers. We realise that your customers want results, not excuses and the STRATA range will stand behind you all the way.

“The general premise that welding machines are created somewhat equal has just been shattered with the introduction of the new STRATA welding machine range”.

Let’s start with the PFC Advantage:
This ground breaking technology allows the operator to experience substantially higher performance levels while saving power. PFC changes the input wave form, eliminating power factor losses and creating efficiency (gains) of up to 40%! This is equivalent to moving from a transformer to an inverter welder - so prepared to be amazed!

Faster Welding Speeds:
We all know that speed plus quality = increased productivity and STRATA’s new welding speeds and weld quality are astounding, even with the most skeptical welding professionals. With the new STRATA range, we have set out not just to raise the bar, but re-define the whole rules of welding.

So how are these numbers arrived at?
As a rule, a professional skilled welder works around 1900 hours per year. With an “average” welding ma- chine as his tool of trade, which say decreases his welding efficiency to be only 8%, then that is a loss of 152 hours (or over 3 weeks!!) If we then assume an hourly rate of $30 per hour, that equates to $4560 per year!!
Given that “average” welding machines often have a life span of less than 5 years, and a minimum of 10 years for a quality machine, then this can be conservatively doubled to reach. When this is considered, it is simple to see why STRATA is the welding machine of choice for discerning welding professionals.

Increase your profits out of Sight with Strata, Only 5% of the cost is the welding machine
Actually, even less with the proven life span and value of a premium quality machine like STRATA. It’s some- thing we all have to keep in mind. Compared to wages and auxiliary materials, the purchase of a new welding machine makes up only a small portion of your overall costs. Yet everyone looks at the price of the machine, and forgets the after cost. Especially the wage costs, which take off drastically as a result of an unsuitable, cheap welding machine.
This key fact emphasises the importance of investing in the latest technology and fast, efficient reliable welding machine technology like what is embodied in every STRATA machine. If a poor quality, cheap price machine is utilised, wage costs can soar and profits disappear very quickly.
The STRATA brand of welding machines are built tough for everyday practical use, and so we make them truly productive.
Here at STRATA we have done everything possible to ensure that even the machine pricing ranges are market leading. You can prove the satisfaction of investing in a welding machine that will maximise your return on investment for many years to come. Backed by our STRATA 3 year Guarantee! (Advanced Series)
With STRATA, performance is real and we back this up by a comprehensive 3 year commercial warranty. No tricks, just very simple commonsense (some may say old fashioned) rock solid backup that gives you total peace of mind.



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