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About Us

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The Strata Story

Strata Welding Company embarked on its welding journey in the 1980s through a joint technology sharing venture with a small, innovative market-leading inverter welding manufacturer and OEM assembler in the USA. During a time when the average Arc Welder weighed over 150 kilograms, the Strata 300A & 400A Inverter Arc Welding Machines were launched in 1984, bringing about widespread acceptance and adoption by the professional welding community. This groundbreaking leap in welding machine design initiated a technological revolution in the market, consistently pushing the boundaries of inverter welding machines for the past four decades.

Building upon the success of the pioneering Strata STM series, arc welding voltage sensing wire feeders were integrated, giving rise to the Strata MIG series in the late 1980s. This development set a new standard and revolutionized the oil and gas pipe welding industry worldwide, thanks to the exceptional portability and rugged performance of the inverter power sources. These machines, which typically weighed over 150 kilograms in the 1980s, remain in daily use across demanding industrial applications. Their unwavering performance continues to contribute significantly to the enduring legacy of STRATA in the welding field.

The Innovators are the winners in today's fast changing welding environment

About Strata

Why do your customers come to you?

STRATA understands that you as a welding professional have built your legacy and goodwill in the market on superior skills, hand work, reliability and the ability to get the job done. That’s why we have built the new STRATA range to mirror these essential traits and provide you with the ultimate welding machines to continue to build your profits and status with your customers. We realise that your customers want results, not excuses and the STRATA range will stand behind you all the way.

“The general premise that welding machines are created somewhat equal has just been shattered with the introduction of the new STRATA welding machine range”.

Warranty Backup

  • Advance Series - 36 Month Warranty
  • Ezi Series - 24 Month Warranty
  • High Duty Cycle
  • Designed and Built in the Strata Factory for the Tough New Zealand Conditions
  • New Zealand Wide service and sales support network

The general premise that welding machines are created somewhat equal has just been shattered with the introduction of the new STRATA welding machine range


PFC Advantage

This ground breaking technology allows the operator to experience substantially higher performance levels white saving power. PFC changes the input wave form, eliminating power factor losses and creating efficiency (gains) of up to 40%! This is equivalent to moving from a transformer to an inverter welder - so prepared to be amazed!

Faster Welding Speed

We all know that speed plus quality increased productivity and STRATA's new welding speeds and weld quality are astounding, even with the most skeptical welding professionals. With the new STRATA range, we have set out not just to raise the bar, but re-define the whole rules of welding.

Math Breakdown

As a rule, a professional skilled welder works around 1900 hours per year. With an "average" welding machine as his tool of trade, which say decreases his welding efficiency to be only 8%, then that is a loss of 152 hours (or over 3 weeks!!) If we then assume an hourly rate of $30 per hour, that equates to $4560 per year!! Given that "average" welding machines often have a life span of less than 5 years, and a minimum of 10 years for a quality machine, then this can be conservatively doubled to reach. When this is considered, it is simple to see why STRATA is the welding machine of choice for discerning welding professionals.

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